Atelier Antico Torchio

In Tuscany, not too far from Florence, near the old monastery of Vallombrosa there is the small village called Reggello and in this place, formanyyears, there is the print house called “Atelier Antico Torchio” where the master printer Umberto Peroni prints rare, very beautiful original prints with real passion and using old techniques unchanged for centuries. An art which requires a great patience because you must print copy after copy, using hands and eyes and not mechanical means; ask ill becoming more and more rare which is the fruit of a long experience of creative work, of a sensibility developed with the continuous relationship with the artist friends. Enter in a print house - like that one of Umberto Peroni - is always an unforgettable experience: the smell of inks, the metal plates for etching and the stones for lithography, the paper - almost always pure cotton - in the most various tones of white, the felts, the acids and finally presses, heavy metal or wood objects, which must always be treated with an almost maniacal attention.

Incisione / Engraving

Litografia / Lithography
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